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Central Commons is a gathering place for members of the surrounding neighborhood to come together



"On Patience" Opening Lecture - with Dr. Kelly Kapic

Thursday, May 19, 6:30pm
Central Commons | 4711 Westside Dr.

The aim of this Art House Dallas series focused on patience is to explore the impact of this virtue exemplified in the habits of the believer, including the artist. What does patience say to us who are interested in effecting the common good both with what we create and our faith? Through this series, the hope is to unearth something different from the frantic, anxious pace of the modern world and explore how patience influences, encourages, and informs the artist’s work. Art House Dallas is excited to begin this series with a lecture from Dr. Kelly Kapic who is featured in the On Patience reader. Click on the image to register.

Pegasus Fellowship

Private Home (Tuesday Nights)

The Pegasus Fellowship is an intensive nine-month gospel formation program to equip Christians for cultural renewal in our city.

City Ecology

Sunday Nights
Central Commons Conference Room (Sunday Nights)

City Ecology is an intentional community seeking a deeper understanding of our city and how we are uniquely equipped to serve it.


12 Step Groups

Berean Ethiopian Evangelicals Fellowship


Dog Park Worship

1st and 3rd Sundays at 9:00 AM (weather permitting)
Central Commons Dog Park (behind the church -outside)

St. Luke Medical District

Sunday 10:30 AM

St. Peter's Anglican Church

Sunday 10:30 AM
Fellowship Hall
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